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Kriger Research Group International – CRA's SUCCESS STORY

– By virtue of this program many students who took this course in Pakistan or Iran were able to make major career moves.

    * Dr. Hafiz S. Anwar           CRA                        McMasters University                   Canada
    * Dr. M. Rehan                     Research             Sultan Qaboos Hospital                 Oman
    * S.Ali Rizvi                            QA                       USA
    * Marium Hasan                  CRA                        GSK                                                        Pakistan
    * Tayyaba Tahir                    CRA                        Metrics Research                             Pakistan
    * Dr. Imran Hussain            CRA                        Glasgow                                               Scotland
    * Dr. Medi Islani (IRAN)   RA                          University of Toronto                     Canada
    * Khalid Saeed                     PhD                        University of Lund                           Sweden
    * Mahwish Khalid               RA                          CEMB, Lahore                                    Pakistan
    * Omar Rafique                    MPH                      University of Leeds                         UK
    * Dr. Behzad Elahi               PhD                        University of Toronto                     Canada
    * Dr. Ausaf A. Khan             Medical Aff.       Novo Nordisk                                    Pakistan




I feel so proud and confident now, though I yet lament having missed the latter part of the ceremony. However, I'd surely like to tell you that this time things were definitely much better organized and well presented. Good Luck.
N.B. Ms. Shumaila from AKU may contact you on my behalf for a guidance in data management some time.
Once again, Sincere and heartiest congratulations to you and all your associates and colleagues at Metrics and Baharia University for the supportive efforts in the marvelous achievement we all must be proud of.
With kind regards,
Dr Sumaiya Zahid.”



i think the way u cover the whole diploma course was really very appriciating.

Assignments work given at end of every session made the concept good of every thing about that session.

Regular mcqs tests and good interaction with each student was really impressive and shows good teaching skills.

comprehensive test at the end of course covering all main aspects of course was also a good finishisg end of course.

Dr. Ahsan



its been a real pleasure being in the coarse.the teaching methodolgy adopted was excellent,descriptive and thought provoking.we certainly have learnt a lot through this coarse.

I am grateful to you and especially Mr Khurrum sb,for being courteous towards me.

I  am overjoyed to have completed and passed the coarse.


Dr Shaukat


“I want to thank you with all my heart that it was your superb and excellent guidance under which we were able to learn alot and get these good scores.It was your teaching potential that made us feel,during a 6 hour class,to be full of knowledge and fun and such a   friendly interaction of yours that made us  successful in this course.

With all best wishes,