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Recognition by the industry

Recognition by the Industry

International Biopharmaceutical Association (IBPA) has accredited Kriger Research Center as its approved training provider. The combination of quality and accessibility of these training programs lead to our outstanding reputation in the industry and make us the number one corporate training choice for several leading international pharmaceutical companies. Most KRC Inc. graduates become members of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, an industry recognized organization.



Our graduates got jobs with the major companies within the industry:

Essential Group, Inc., Apotex Inc., Organon USA Inc., Pfizer, CardioDx, Abbott Laboratories,Wyeth, Omnicare, Johnson and Johnson, Bristol-Myers-Squibb Glaxo Smith Kline, GEREQ, Innovus Research Inc, Biovail Contract Research, MDS, Parexel, Grunenthal, Inflazime,  Bayer Healthcare,  Pfizer Canada, Mount Sinai Hospital, Neeman Medical International,  and many others...