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Clinical Research Co-ordinator Course

Kriger Research Group International is a clinical research specialty group committed to the development, training, and career enrichment of clinical research professionals.


The emerging industry of clinical research has significantly increased the demand for Clinical Research Study Coordinators. With the growth of the Biotechnology industry, Clinical Research Coordinator positions are expected to increase 20% or more in the next 10 years. Career opportunities for Clinical Research Coordinators can be found in hospitals, physicians' offices, contract research organizations, biomedical research organizations and institutions, specialty disease centers and pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers.

Clinical Research Study Coordinators (CRSC) are responsible for the organization, coordination, and overall integrity of a research project with humans. Principal and co-investigators provide the overall direction in a clinical study, but CRCs have significant roles in the following clinical study activities:


  • Protocol development
  • Recruiting, screening and enrolling participants 
  • Obtaining participant Informed Consent 
  • Scheduling tests and procedures 
  • Collection of clinical research data 
  • Ensuring accuracy of documentation 
  • Dispensing study medications 
  • Managing the use of investigational devices 
  • Maintaining databases

CRCs enjoy a dynamic and challenging job that offers a host of opportunities for growth and career development
Clinical Research Coordinators earn an hourly range of $17.05 to $29.40 for an annual salary range of $35,460 to $72,040 a year or higher, depending on degrees obtained, the research setting, credentials and experience.
These programs provide skill-based training, exceptional professional development opportunities, and hands-on experience needed to create a well-rounded, fully competent CRC.

Introduction to Clinical Research Course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the clinical research process and its history and evolution. Topics include phases of clinical trials, protection of human subjects, roles of the clinical research teams, and responsibilities of clinical research organizations. Upon completion, students should be able to describe the product approval process and discuss the general conduct of a typical clinical trial.



This course is not accrediated by an educational institute.