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Clinical Investigator Program + GCP Certificate+ Full Set of Clinical Site SOP-s

Kriger Research Center offers physicians an excellent clinical investigator career!   

Not many people are aware of the fact that you shouldn't be an expert in pharmaceuticals to get into this most lucrative industry!

Not many people are aware of the fact that each drug, before it makes it to the pharmacy shelf, should pass a lengthy approval and manufacturing process where many clinical trails should be done.

This industry is all about regulations and rules that are easy to learn. When you know these rules and regulations, you are very  attractive to any industry provider!

What do I need to become a clinical investigator?

  • You need to have the right background to enter this lucrative industry. You have to be a licensed physician.
  • You need some professional orientation in international pharmaceutical regulations (ICH GLP). We offer a short interactive on-line program with live instructors from the industry that you can start right now.

How do I start this career?

  • You won't have much competition to get trial. Currently there is a real shortage of clinical investigators and many trials are in process.
  • Through our internship program, you can participate in our practical projects to get some clinical investigator experience.  All internship commitments could be completed on-line.
  • Your experience in our ongoing projects is a unique opportunity that is critical to get a trail.

How do we benefit from your participation?

  • We get a new clinical research investigator!
  • We will help you to build your winning clinical research investigator resume that will attract the immediate attention of the industry.
  • We also will provide you with the references for your future clinical research partners.  Kriger Research Center is a reputable industry player and many industry players are looking for clinical investigators with affiliation with our center.

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