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Hello Kriger,

I started the CRA program in February.  I took and passed the Final exam in May. It is now the middle of June and I have just accepted a position with ABBOTT. It would have never happened without my Kriger certification. My possibilities are endless with this company.  Nick, You were Super! Thanks for the support and encouragement! It was the best investment in my career and in myself that I could have made.

Doris Yadav BS,RN




...I am a recruitment agent for the biopharmaceutical industry.  I will not divulge what company I work for...not because I have something to hide, but because I am en employee and I do not have the authority to implicate the company in this discussion.

Having said that, I will get to the point.  I review over 300 resumes per week when we are hiring for a clinical trial.  Of those 300 I may find about 20 that have most, but not all, the qualifications.  Most specifically, GCP. And it's not about having knowledge of GCP, but knowing how to implement these guidelines in every minute of their job performance during the clinical trial. Many of these "qualified" individuals, when given a set of "dummy" tasks in order to truly qualify them, cannot perform them.  So what do I do? I recommend taking a course.  And who do I recommend? I recommend Kriger. Neither myself or the company I work for are connected to Kriger, but after thorough investigation into other courses, both in Univesities across Canada, the US and Europe, and private institutions, I, without any hesitation recommend Kriger over and over.

Now back to numbers...we were at 20 "qualified" per week.  From this, I find on average about 5/month that truly suit the job. That leaves me with 75 candidates that just need one extra step in order to be seriously considered. This last month (Jan), I have had 13 of those candidates tell me they have registered to the course.  They tell me they will be done in approximately 8 weeks. Because we start our hiring process 3-4 months ahead of time due to the large number of professionals we employ, and due to the lack of fully qualified individuals in North America and Europe, believe it or not, that gives them time to complete their training. Because we believe in the quality and integrity of Kriger, these candidates remain as "qualified" individuals and move on to the second phase, out of three, of our hiring process.  From these 13 candidates, based on past hiring history, I will most likely end up employing 30-40% of these graduates.  Now, I do have to say that academic qualifications are great...but not all..you can be a Harvard graduate and still not have what it takes.

Another point I would like to make is that most of the truly and fully qualified CRA's worldwide have jobs, therefore, the boom of clinical trials that we are experiencing now, organized by CRO's, have a very difficult time finding fully qualified individuals.  There is a shortage of available scientists with experience in clinical trials and GCP compliance(phase II and above). ...



Hello Bruce,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and guidance. The KRC CRA development course provided me all of the background and interviewing skills to land a position with ClinQua and now with Quintiles Transnational, the largest CRO in the world. The opportunity for growth in new therapeutic areas, internal advancement, continuing education and travel are all things that make being a CRA a phenomenal career and not just a job. I am eternally grateful to all of KRC's staff for their continued support even after I had completed my course, which really showed me the dedication your staff has to their job, you really want to see me succeed. something quite rare in the world today. The experiences I had at KRC were invaluable, especially being helped out with my CV, presentation is everything and your staff knew how to properly present my education and background in a way that I was not properly trained to do. I honestly feel that is one of the most important things about your program, the fact that they will help you prepare a CV that will attract recruiters, CRO's and Pharmaceutical companies which is critical for landing job interviews. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing about my experiences, I would only encourage anyone who is thinking about entering the clinical arena to seriously consider your program because it is so much more than what it seems, and I think both you and your staff are the main reason for that. Your course provided me all of the intangible elements that I needed to succeed and I will always be thankful that I've gotten to know you and your staff, especially Head of Training Department. If anyone was to ask me I would say that the training I received at KRC was critical to my success and if you have students who want to ask some questions please let them know that I will make time to answer as many as I can.






Subject: ThousandTtimes Thanks (TTT) Hi  A testimony from Soumaoro@optonline.net I'm very pleased to inform you my successfully recruitment by Organon USA, after a month and half of waiting for regular hiring process. I finally signed with Organon for a full time Clinical Trial Documentation Associate position and started . I'm very grateful to everybody at Kriger Inc., especially Nick Allan, Chrissie (Biorole recruiting) and those at the  Headquarter who provided all the necessary support during Organon reference check. Although the present position seems to be not directly related to the CRA training and duty, but it represents for me an important step getting in the challenging field of Clinical research. I'm very happy with this position, chosen among dozen of offers just after my career training with Kriger. I will be pleased to see my present testimony posted in Krctraining web site to show how Kriger training department and personnel help people around the word to materialize their dream. Thank you and let keep in touch.  Ibrahima Soumaoro, TDA Organon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. Pan-American Monitoring Organization Phone: 973 325 4552 soumaori@organonusa.com

From: AllahZon@aol.com [mailto:AllahZon@aol.com]: info@kriger.comSubject: Dear CRA certifcation team

To all those who have helped me compete the CRA certification program, I just want to say one thing to all who have helped me accomplish my CRA certification goal.


 With the wonderful help, advice and insight, I was able to complete the CRA certification course in the time that I did.  Not only were the staff helpful with the CRA study material, but also with follow up information that expanded the knowledge base of what a CRA is all about.  In addition, the clinical trial projects that I participated in gave me a leg up on clinical trial monitoring experience that is needed to get the CRA job hunting process underway.  And on top of this, Kriger has a department that will help design and build an excellent resume that highlights your work experiences and aligns them to CRA job activities.


So, to all that are reading this testimonial and thinking about pulling the trigger and enrolling in the CRA certification program, I can tell you it is really worth it.  Thanks again KRGI training staff as well as to Angela and Nafisa.


All the best

David Chilton, MSc, CCRA




I thank to all of you for my accomplishments and success in Clinical Data Management field. Your great support, encouragement and guidance during the training and afterward helped me gain a position of Senior Clinical Data Manager in a very short period.



Mirjana Ilic  mirjana_ilic@hotmail.com  

I'm very pleased to inform you my successfully recruitment by APOTEX INC. , Canada's No. 1 Pharmaceutical company in manufacturing. I'm very grateful to everybody at Kriger Inc., especially Head of Training Department who provided all the necessary support during my course of QUALITY ASSURANCE AND REGULATORY AFFAIR. Although the present position seems to be not directly related to the quality assurance, but it represents for me an important step getting in the challenging field of pharmaceutical industries. I'm very happy with this position. I will be pleased to see my present testimony posted in Krctraining web site to show how Kriger training department and personnel help people around the world to materialize their dream. Thank you and let keep in touch.


E-mail: kevin11189@yahoo.com



I would like to submit my testimonial. I found Kriger through Official Stanford University School of Medicine career site.



 where it was mentioned  next to the major companies  in the industry: Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline , Abbott Laboratories, Wyeth . Johnson and Johnson and Bristol-Myers-Squibb...

Here is a quote form this article that helped me to make up my mind:

"..., Kriger Research Center, offers […] you a leg up in the industry by offering nationwide courses in professional development in the biopharmaceutical industries.  Classes focus on current regulations, phases of clinical drug trials and compliance requirements for the industry.  If you have a solid background in the sciences but want to understand this industry better, investing in one or more of their classes may help you decide whether or not this is the career track you want to take.  This training may also give you an advantage over other prospective candidates. "

 I am taking their newly updated CRA course right now and I must say this is one of the best courses I have ever had. I feel like I started to understand how this industry really  works.





Dear  Kriger,   I was just offered a 3-4 month, temporary position at  Research Corp.  It isn't a CRA position, but a lot of the work I will be doing is auditing the paperwork that the CRA does.  My title is Document and Compliance Associate.  I believe that my primary duty will be writing informed consents for upcoming studies and IRB approval.   With this 4 months, plus the 6 months I get when I finish my certification, I will have almost a year experience to help me break into the field.   Of course, working 8-5 pm M-F will put a damper on my certification progress, but I think the opportunity for the experience is worth taking longer to finish.   Most Sincerely, Jill

Dear Head of Training Department, I wanted to inform that I have been hired with a very excellent company APOTEX INC.  (Canada no. 1 pharmaceutical) here in Toronto as a Clinical Operation Technician.  I am very excited! The course is excellent, it set me in the right direction to the position I wanted. The manager of the clinical research department was very happy that I had taken the initiative to learn on my own and the quality of knowledge I received  from Kriger Inc. Thank you for your help. Geeta Luthra


Hi, My name is Shilpa , I have completed the CRA program . It is my pleasure to inform you that a consulting firm is offering me a job as a Functional Consultant-Bio-IT, the clients of this firm are pharmaceutical companies. My responsibilities will be similar to CRA and in addition I will be using statistical software for project and result analysis.                   I  highly appreciate your help. Thank you.  Sincerely,  Shilpa.  MD, USA


I just want to say thank you for helping me to get a job of my dreams! I learn about CRA job opportunities a couple years ago. But, like most of people reading this testimonial, I faced “catch-22” situation - knowing a job description and proper education with no experience will not get a job, and no one wants to hire you to provide that experience. Kriger Research Center Inc. helped me to pass this barrier, and here I am – a fresh in-house CRA at rapidly growing company. Thank you again!

Laura L. Standley



Head of HR, Professional Development & Training Department

I am writing this after joining GEREQ as a Project Manager; I was able to secure this position because of the      extensive in-depth training provided during the CRA Professional Development Program. I joined the company in Sept 04 after completing the course in end July 04.

The course material studied sincerely and with dedication sharpened my inquisitive mind and as I progressed in the interactive modules I developed a strong critical analytical approach towards scientific problems and excellent prioritization skills

The program taught me how to focus upon and develop the following skills:

    * Detailed knowledge of ICH –GCP guidelines/ FDA regulations

    * Importance of correct reporting of Adverse and Serious Adverse events

    * Keen attention to details and ability to multitask
    * Monitoring Clinical trials

Whatever I have achieved and the position I am at now is all due to the continuous help, encouragement and guidance of the online and in-house instructors who are very experienced, patient and understanding and they addressed all my questions promptly.

The final exam is very exhaustive and tests all the factors required to be a successful clinical research professional and all the questions asked during the interviews were from the course material.

The project work following the final exam is very detail oriented and one requires extensive, detailed and complete knowledge all the modules in the program in order to present it successfully.

I am indebted to Kriger all my life who played a pivotal role in helping me reach where I am now.

Thank You Anna, if I can be of any help anytime in my life you can count on me.



Abhijit Kumar

Project Manager




Hi Anna,

I would like to tell you what a great school you have and commend you for your excellence. After spending two months attempting to find the training for my future job orientation, Kriger came to the rescue. I was not familiar with the program of Clinical Data Management, but after learning more about it, its success rate and its very reasonable fees I decided to try it. The course work exceeded my expectations. The most informative on line and on class hands-on-training, presented real-life scenarios and helped me to gain a position of Clinical Data Coordinator at Innovus Research Inc. All my happiness I would like to share with you.  Thank you Kriger, you deserve to be the best.

Draga Andonovska

Clinical Data Coordinator



Hello Fred,
Sorry for the late e-mail. I have been very busy. I started work today, and although it was mostly reading SOP's and meeting people, I am very excited about the job. So here is my quote, I give you permission to use it for your website: Dear Kriger,
I am glad to report that I have been given an opportunity to work as a CRC at Biovail Contract Research for a mat leave term of 1 year. I am happy to say that the courses I took at Kriger as well as advise from Kriger Instructor Mohammed Ghannam helped me immensely in recieving this job. Thank you very much for providing the basis necessary for this great chance.

Rosette Babayan.





I would like to share with you my impressions about my interview in Texas. First of all it had organized very well and has last from 9 am to 1 pm. The agenda of my trip was sent me a day before. I met with:


·       Director-Human Resources (This lady asked me to sigh confidential agreement and informed me about benefit opportunities with her company and supplied me with the whole package of appropriate documents),


·     Medical Director – this gentleman while spoken with me, put emphasize on advantages working in Texas in comparison with Toronto. He told me about the perspectives of their company (it's cost increases double every year, for instance). He told me that their lawyer has possibility to obtain work visa for me during 3, maximum 5 weeks. He worked before in Toronto  at the same position and had heard about Kriger Inc. as international company with offices in many countries.


·     In-house interview with Clinical group – 5 people including Head of Department. There were general questions about monitoring procedure, about my previous experience and skills. I felt myself almost comfortable because it was very friendly and we had chances to smile and joke some times. They did not dig into details. They told me that at first time a new monitor would work together with some of experienced monitor. I asked them did they mean co-monitoring? Yes, they did.


·     Then we had lunch offside.

·     All my expenses were reimbursed fully.

Thank you for helping me get a job!
Best regards,

S. V.

Hello Nick, I wanted to report that I have been hired with a very excellent company here in South Florida as a Clinical Research Coordinator.  I am very excited!  The course is excellent, it set me in the right direction to the position I wanted.  The president of the company was very happy that I had taken the initiative to learn on my own.  

Thank you for your help, Eva sibylla30@yahoo.com

Dear Irin,

I am writing to say thank you for all the service you provide.

I read and soaked up the material, passed the exam, had a several interviews (INC, MDS, Parexel, Omnicare, CardioDx, Grunenthal, Inflazime, Mt. Sinai Hospital ) and chose the best opportunity for me.

I am so grateful to you for steering me into the right direction and for being so understanding and open minded for all my questions and concerns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your helpful advice, support and generous encouragement.

Please, send my warm regards to Bella. She helped me with the Resume and an interview preparation. My Resume made me stand out as a better applicant. Everything she supplied me was right on target and she gave me the best possible interview preparation. My interviews would not have gone as well if I had tried to do it on my own. I appreciate her quick and personal responses to my emails. She must get hundreds of emails a day and the fact that she was able to personally respond to all of us really speaks volumes about her and her personal and professional integrity.

I found CRA-Program extremely informative, extensive and helpful and would recommend it to anyone who is truly serious about getting a career as a CRA.

I owe you a lot. Keep up the great work!


Olivera Jugovic, CRA


Christopher, I just got a job in my field recently. Thank you for your helps and training.  

Regards, Lisha Peng lspeng2000@yahoo.ca

Dear Head of Training Department,

I am very pleased to inform you that I have landed a CRA II position at one of the largest CRO companies with a starting salary of $70k.  I owe this opportunity to Kriger.

I completed the CRA course at Kriger in less then two months, projects included and landed my job four weeks later.

I had some previous experience though.

A special thanks to you  because I have achieved this much due to her encouragement and guidance. You truly went above your duties and for this I will always remember you as one important person in my life.

I will keep in touch,





Dear Sir,

 I am writing to thank you for all the help you've provided me with. It was an interesting course and I did acquire very valuable information.
 Also, I just want to confirm the receipt of my certificate. Thank you.

With thanks,

Elie El Haj

Dear Kriger Staff, Hope, you are hail and hearty. Well, I passed the CRA exam by scoring 85% and received the diploma a week later. Thank you so much for introducing me to the course. I did enjoy taking the course with KRC Inc, providing an in-depth knowledge of clinical research. I really do feel this will help me move forward in the clinical research career fields. Also, I would like to acknowledge the prompt response from the KRC staff as excellent. And I hope to find a suitable career opportunity soon in the area. I have started working on my CV as per KRC guidelines. As soon as I update the resume, I will start applying for CRA or other relevant positions. However, I have already applied for the positions currently available with KRGI. I will appreciate if you could let me know the current status of my application. Thanks! Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,  Asif Mohammad, PhD

To: Nafisa Daya Subject: Re: Follow up Hi Nafisa,  I have very good news for you.  I was offered a job by Bayer Healthcare / Diagnostics, and I will begin the work next Wednesday! I was interviewd by 5 manager on Monday, yesterday I received a call with an offer.  Thank you so much for all your help and god bless you and every one at Kriger who helped me.  Kind Regards,  Kinjal

Hi Chris, Nick, Bruce, I have successfully completed my certification in clinical research associate from Kriger. I want to thank you all for the support and guidance and the feedbacks you all have been giving me during my certification. I really enjoyed the course and also learned so much about the drug industry. I am now fully confident that this certification will surely add on to the previous experiences I had and also help me acquire a good position in the clinical research arena.  Thank you once again and Happy Holidays to all of you. Regards, Rashmi.

Subject: Re: Re: > Hi Nick, > Thank you so much for your response, the info you have sent me would  > certainly help me a lot. > These were the main two question I was little concerned about. Rest of the  > interview questions and tips ae allready available in the Krctraining  > Resume help section. I would like to thank you and all my other  > instructors Chris and Brian, who has been helping me through out . You all  > are doing a great job. > Thank you once again and regards, > Rashmi Murthy.


Hi Kate, I had an interview yesterday for a clinical research coordinator position in Newmarket.  Hope you're having fun in the snow. Let me know of any other positions you  hear of! Thank you, Danielle

To: studentcounsellor@krgi.org Subject: RE: Resume Help Hi Nafisa, I am very happy to tell you that I have got a job as a Clinical Research  Coordinator" in a very good medical device company here in NJ. I thank you  for the support and guidence you have given me. Thank you & Regards, Rashmi Murthy


: testamonial Hi there! My name is Lisa Lemelin and I took the CRA training program with Kriger. I am pleased to tell you that I recently got a job as a clinical research coordinator for Pfizer Canada! And only about a month after finishing the course!! I start April 2. I wanted to thank you for this training that helped me to change my career towards one that will last a lifetime and that I can be proud of!  Thanks again to the team at Kriger. Lisa Lemelin Montreal, Qc

To: "Christopher Nabzdyk" qa@krctraining.net> >>>> >>> Subject: job! >>>> >>>> >>>> > hello Chris. >>>> > >>>> > I just wanted to tell you and (KRC) that I got a >>>> job >>>> > in a really busy dermatology clinic here in >>>> Toronto >>>> > that is heavily involved in clinical trials and I >>>> will >>>> > be working in that capacity there. >>>> > >>>> > It would not have happened were it not for the >>>> fact >>>> > that I am taking the CRA training course that you >>>> > provide. >>>> > >>>> > I am really grateful to KRC and to all the >>>> individuals >>>> > who gave such fantastic support (and hopefully >>>> will >>>> > continue to do so)answering all my questions. >>>> > >>>> > Regards, >>>> > >>>> > John. >>>> > >>>> > ps A very close friend of mine who works as a >>>> project >>>> > manager in clinical trials has seen the course >>>> > material and was very impressed by how >>>> comprehensive >>>> > it is.

Thanks Kriger. This program is  best . I took the course  after which I got a lot of support from the Kriger Group in gaining experience and knowledge about the industry. I am just glad to say that I got a perfect job with a US based company as CRA II. During my orientation in the first week with this company in a group of CRAs with more than 10 years experience, the orientation facilitator couldn't believe I was less experienced than the rest of the group. This program is excellent, and the support and care is unbelievable. Thanks Kriger.


Clinical Research Associate


Dear Mr. Nabzdyk,

I would like to express my appreciation to all Kriger's associates for giving me the opportunity to launch and accomplish my CRA training. I greatly enjoyed this course and want to thank your team for your encouraging suggestions, guidance and support during my studies.

Best Regards,

Tatyana Sidorova

This is to thank you for every time you answered my questions and gave me directions during my CRA course.

Each lesson was an opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and to help me bring greater focus to what was discussed.

I studied for long hours and I had to do lots of home work. Now I am enjoying a job that fascinates me and I am looking forward to a great career. Thank you for your continuous efforts and for walking with me this path of uplifting personal growth.  

Alexander M.

Subject: Re: CRA work shop at our company

Thank you for your training. At this point of time I wish to say that, we had a CRA work shop at our company . I was given the topic Patient recruitment strategies. I used KRC study material and gave a presentation. Every one was impressed. I was asked to circulate my presentation because it contained the relevant materials. Thank You Karthik


Hi  Re.: QUALITY ASSURANCE AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS I am glad to share my experience that I have been hired in Canada 's best pharmaceutical company. I am really very happy and wnat to share that this course of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affair is really very informative and helpful to get a good job, it's really very demanding course nowdays. It steered me in the right direction I wanted for. The manager of our department appreciates me for the fact that I took initiative to learn and upgrade my self and the quality of education I received from Kriger Inc. Feel Free to contact me any time if anyone has any question. Raj E-mail:  kevin11189@yahoo.com


Good day to you. I got position of CRA in israeli contract research after I  completed your  PRACTICAL PROJECTS. I must say that I enjoyed the program a lot. I have been enlightened the more even much more than my University training  ... After Pharmajobs course no one would   hire me because of lack of experience... Kriger - thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thank you.                         Tobby, Israel, Haifa


    Hi Nick,   Thank you. That was prompt.  Do you work 24hours/day?   I like this course, what I like even more is, having to 'share my opinion' of the articles you guys send, and what I like most is, the prompt and encouraging response I get.   Thank you. I wish I could spend a lot more time on this!!!   Regards,   Martina   Oh, Kriger!!! I've got a job!!! There is not coconuts regarding money, but fantastic regarding experience. I am hired by Kiecana Clinical Research as CRA junior. How do you find it? Thank you all at KRC, especially for Bruce, Brian, Nick and Christopher. You all have your man in Poland!!! I'm so happy... A. Lososowski salmon63@o2.pl



At first I was also skeptical when I started the program, I had read all the testimonials

of former KRC professional students who had nothing but praise for the professional

development program. But still I was amazed at the variety of professional spectrum

from doctors to nurses to lawyers taking up the professional development courses

and admitting an instant increase in job mobility and compensation.I was drawn to the fact that

KRC provided on hands internship projects for the students in my case for the CRA program.

I went into the program with some experience in the field but after I was done with the competitive exam

and the tasking projects, I found myself at a new level of expertise and appreciation for the Clinical Research

field. I got a job with one of the top pharmaceutical industries in USA and an instant boost of salary of over 15%.

Thanks to Irin and all the project cordinators who helped me through and served as mentors.


Stanley Anyabolu

White Plains,, NY


Ravi Duvvuri RICR Master Biotechnology (Scotland)  ravi_k18@yahoo.com

I'm deeply filled with pleasure to write testimonials. Well where to start...... Having worked in the lab, I have decided to take up Clinical Research and wondering where I can learn the basics of this field, I found Kriger Research Inc. and after little bit of research, enrolled for the same. I'm very glad I took online course, easy to study, its worth every penny, and the course is very well presented as if you can eat banana without even peeling the skin off, which made me so confident and developed positive experience after went through the material provided during interview process. I suggest any eligible individual looking forward to make career in Clinical Research, its worth considering Kriger Inc. and I 'm very obliged for the institute. Long live Kriger. Member Clinical Trial Management Group, Oncology Clinical Trials University of Oxford  ravi_k18@yahoo.com  

Hello,   Thank you so much. I enjoyed taking the course with KRC Inc.  I got my first CRA job a couple of days ago.  I would strongly recommend to my friends to do this program to get an in-depth knowledge of clinical research.    Best Regards,   Lise, Raanana, Israel


Greetings Bryan and Nick;
I have been absent on-line this past month, busy interviewing for pharmaceutical industry jobs.  Good News!!  I have accepted a terrific job  with Bristol-Myers .  I am incredibly happy, the job is wonderful, the company is terrific, the people are really nice and very supportive.   

Have a great weekend!
Best Regards,

Course: CRA

I really did enjoy taking this course. The amount of clinical research knowledge and practical experience I gained from this course was priceless. I really do feel this will help me advance in the clinical research career field. Also, I would like to say that the prompt responses from the kriger staff was great. It allowed me to interact in real time with professionals in the clinical research. Thanks for everything. I now plan on taking your QA/Regulatory course. ALLEN  FL  USA
I attended the Clinical Data Management training program and would like to thank Kriger for supporting me all the way up to where I am right now. The curriculum, materials and the hands-on training that KRC provided had helped me a lot to enhance my understanding in clinical trials and data management. I am now working at Merck & Co., Inc. as a Clinical Data Management Specialist performing both therapeutic drug and vaccine studies. I enjoy what I am doing, a well rewarded profession and I can see now a brighter future in my career. More power to Kriger! - DVE

Subject: CRA TEST RESULT- 91%. Dear Mr.Nick Allan,   I have passed the CRA exam by scoring 91%. Thank you very much. I am always grateful to you, Nick Allan, Mr.Bryan Washington.   for  the help, support, time, mentor-ship, patience, advice, teaching and suggestions.   I have already completed my Projects and submitted it before the exam. Please advice me if I can I go to update my resume. As soon as, I update the resume, I will submit one copy to Bio role Solutions. Also I have completed the required data's to receive my Diploma.Finally a testimony about the education, I received from KRIGER RESEARCH INSTITUTE Inc; , and all of your cooperation will follow soon from me. Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you.   With regards,   Ananda  

Without your support and training, I can assure you this offer would not have happened. Thank you for a excellent program and please tell me more about your internship programs.

Best regards,


In-house Clinical Research Associate
  Hello Nick.  I hope everything for you is very well. I have not been able to writte you because I have been traveling out of Bogotá due to my responsabilities with my job. I must tell you I work with the Health Care   service in Colombia, wich just started to operate a year ago, besides I am a teacher in the Quality Assurance System I hope it is not too late for me, to continue with the CRA Course next weekend or if I should do some extra work and review. Thank you very much for your attention and comprehension. I will be looking forward to hear from you.  


Respected Sir,  

I am working as clinical investigator for .... studies in a CRO, Your KRC., course in clinical research helped me a lot, so that I could pick up easily everything from clinical studies.  

Thank you and I will keep in touch if I have any questions  regarding clinical research.    Thanking You,                

Your's faithfully,

Dr.S.. Germany

  Hello,   I will be starting a position as a Patent Examiner in Biotech.  I was  happy to complete the course.  I particularly enjoined the practical exercises, and being able to familiarize myself with monitoring documents and SOP documents at KRC.  

I found some of the information too detailed for an introductory course.  Knowing which CFR covers what would be information that I would retain more readily in the course of doing the actual work.  My service on a local IRB helped familiarize me with many of the issues, especially involving informed consent.  Conversely my studies in this course helped make me a more involved and useful member of our local IRB

Thanks for all your help.  I'll stay in touch and inform you about my new career path Shulamith

Subject: CRA program

Dear Bryan,

First of all I would like to thank you personally and KRC for excellent CRA program. I think the course is well designed and nicely presented to the students.


I find your course is excellent, comprehensive and very informative. You have superb material and coverage for this diploma program. Well,  this is Dr Asif  d undergoing the CRA training program. I joined online CRA course at KRC from August 2005 and still in session 8. I actually find myself pretty busy with my research work at   University , where I m working full time as a postdoctoral research associate and finding hard to get time to do the course as quickly as I am supposed to.     Actually I wish to pursue my future career as clinical research associate and successful completion of the course is utmost important as far as my career is concerned.  Further I do thanks for your follow-up emails in response to my answers .


With warm regards,


Asif, PhD

Postdoctoral research associate

Subject: Hi Bryan and Nick
Thanks Nick, I have found myself spending a lot of time on those links, particularily the document source link, it's excellent to be able to review corresponding paperwork with the lessons being taught. It's probably fairly obvious that I've spend alot of time in project management, for me I have to understand the paper trial associated with the process. Enjoy your Sunday! Dore      

I have completed the on line CRA course from your institution
  Now I am getting job offers and would like to request for reference from KRC.   Thank you very much for your cooperation,   sincerely,   Gai , Jerusalem, Israel    

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your support and help in getting a position at Mount Sinai Hospital . I am looking forward to work in this new environment, research in the field of Infectious Diseases. This is very important to me, especially because it is in the field in which I have my speciality.

The course at Kriger was very informative, it helped me get familiar with all phases of clinical research and achieve a position in which I am more than interested. In confirmation of the quality of the Kriger course I will also send you my testimony on your web site.




Hi, I got hired and would like to thank you very much for everything. I am available to give testimonials on the successful choice of attending your program. Have a wonderful week. Regards. Olga   proshaiglasnost@hotmail.com

  Dear Nick, I am writing to wish you Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year. More than that, I would like to thank you for your help, professionalism and patience throughout the course. I know I was a "difficult" student, but all my comments and complains aimed at getting more in-depth knowledge and not in the least at questioning your or other's competence. Today when I finished the course I look at the program from the different point of view and can say that lectures in general are of a good quality. I enjoyed very much doing this course. Furthermore,  I am convinced that I will become a good clinical professional owing to the fact I took Kriger's program.   Kindest regards,   L.    

Dear Dr Venkat,  Hello,  This is to inform you that I have got a job in Neeman Medical International,  a CRO, as a clinical Research Coordinator. The online course for CRA helped  me in getting through in my interview. These were some of the questions  asked to me in the interview 1. What is ICH GCP? 2. What is an ICF form? 3. What is CRF and e-CRF? 4. What is the role of Ethics Committee  Actual my boss is also showing interest in thisonline course for which he  has ask me to get information and I will be giving him your email ID so that  he can contact you.  You have told me about some other programs as well on phone, Kindly specify  them.  Regards  Dr Mushtaque
  Wow Christopher,   That's the only thing which I could say. But only thing is I have read the mails after my interview, as I had to travel on 24th night to a different location. The interview went pretty well. I will let you know about the result once I get the reply fromt the company.   Thanks a lot for all your help   Thanks to Bruce also for sparing the templates. These would be really helpful for me in future.   Best regards   Ravi


Hi KC, I have a bit of a success story for you. After you sent me some helpful questions for an interview I landed a position as a CRCA at Allied Research International ( fomerly Allied Clinical Research). Although it is not a CRA position I was able to get my foot in the door because of the terminology and GCP guidelines that I learned through your coures. I just wanted to thank everyone at Kriger for all their help. If you could foward this to Mohammed, Yuri and Bruce I would really appreciate. Yuri and Mohammed were key figures that helped me get to this point. Please let them know. Simone

Hello , I got an interview in Genzyme Biopharmaceutical, I will  put your name, address, telephone no. as referral in my application. Sincerely, K. N.


Hi Bruce, I wanted to let you know that Bristol-Myers Squibb in Wallingford, CT accepted me yesterday for a contract position as a Clinical Coder. When I went to the interview I brought the list of lessons from the Data Management course I took to show them. It was even faxed to people in NJ. They were all impressed with it and I know it was instrumental in helping me to get this. I also sent a note to a friend of mine at Pfizer, a mid level manager, and suggested that she look at the course too. She was involved in setting up courses in Data Management in two colleges in Connecticut but the program has now ended. Anyway, thanks for your help and for putting the program together. Erik

Dear Bruce,

I got a job as Clinical Research Associate!

I would like to thank you for the productive and highly informative GCP ICH interactive practical projects. It has been a great pleasure to read the discussions and the additional articles. Thank you.

Alla, Tel Aviv, Israel



Hello instructors, I have been very excited about the vast amounts of information I have learned from you about the pharmaceutical industry.  More importantly, I am interested in the process of clinical trials and drug discovery.  I have formulated an article about the difficulties arising in the primary steps of discovering an experimental drug.  I hope you find it interesting. With regards, Andrea
Hello. this course  of clinical pharmacology have been very helpfull for me. Thanks a lot.  Wiadomość

Hello Anna,

First I like to tell you that I work for Clinical Research Corporation. The first 5 months I worked as Clinical Research Assistant and a month ago I was promoted to a internal Monitor.

There are a couple of people at Ventana who are interested in taking a course in clinical research. I mention to them that I took the Kriger course and I also mention to them that the course was very informative.  I wil keep the interest high among our employees to attend Kriger.

Thank you very much for everything and best of luck.

Best Regards,


Dear Irin,

I have been trying to phone you several times since our last meeting just to tell you haw happy I am that I finally found the right direction for my career choosing the QA course at Kriger institute.I am so impressed with Sunday's QA classes, with QA instructors , the advantages of on line learning  and possibilities of exploring deeper and deeper the whole material. As you told me, this is a really real commitment. I am so happy that I am part of it .     Thank you vary much for everything QA student Zivcevska

  Hello KRC Admnistrator I have received my Diploma Certificate. I am very grateful to KRC staff for this wonderful course. I enjoyed it and I am busy pursuing the projects to gain hands-on experience. Hope I will get someone to introduce to the course.   Thanks again.   Sincerely,   Mary Mwaura

Hello Kriger Team: I have been taking the CRA course and have found it quite gratifying.  I completed the sessions and will begin the projects and hopefully write the final exam by the end of the summer.  Since I have been taking the course I have received interest from employers across the united States and Canada.  To my delight I am now currently employed with an international Laboratory in Ontario conducting toxicology studies even before I completed the course!!!.  I have been very busy, however I hope to complete the CRA course so that I may be on my way to finding employment in the field. I wanted to thank the team at Kriger because employers take interest in someone who is knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical and clinical trial process.  Without your help I would not be employed in toxicology clinical research right now. Thanks again. Best regards, Andrea PS:  I must be the only student who is taking a long time to complete the CRA course.  Now that I am confident in my current laboratory position I can return to the CRA course and follow it to completion.
Dear Bruce:   Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your summer.  As you are aware I have been working here in Texas after your excellent CRA course and your recommendations, but I am seeking CRA positions back in Canada and I am now in the final stages of hiring with recruiter.   I was wondering if I could use you for a reference again as Kriger forms a significant part of my clinical experience.   Any assistance you can give me would be  greatly*  appreciated!   Many Thanks,  


hai thank you very much for sending me diploma. its so beautiful and awesome.   yours sincerely luther


Dear Head of Training Department! Hope this mail reaches you in best of health and spirit. many thanks for your programme and i have got an placement at an therapeutic research limited.

i would surely find new persons for the course. looking forward to hearing from you with warm regards manoj
Hi Nick, This is Simon (former student) writing to thank you and all course instructors at Kriger for their good work. I finished my CRA course in March of this year and now (may) i have been offered a job in pharmaceutical  company (Clinical Data Analyst).  your course played the major role in getting the job. Thank you very much and keep doing the good job.   Best regards,   Simon

Hello Anna,

I am hired  for short term assignment as clinical data auditor . I have done CRA diploma from KRC and volunteered for online projects.

I thank you for all the support needed for this assignment.

Dr. Sanjay

Hello! I am really enjoying the Medical Terminology class. I know a lot of these medical terms just from high school and taking neuroscience courses in college ( that was one of my majors). Everything is easy to find- I 'm comfy and the material is great so far! Thank you for your concern. I will let you know if I have problems/suggestions. I have to admit that beyond the first quiz, it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be more like an anatomy quiz versus a terminology quiz (just from the material that is given), but that keeps me on my toes!   Thank you, Ashlee Hello,   I'm writing because I'd like to know if I could continue the CRA course where I left off a few months ago. I had started a new job working as a Clinical Trial Associate, the course helped me get that job, but I'd like to continue now that I actually will have some time to dedicate to the course. I was also wondering if I would then continue with the new course or the old version? Thanks.   Regards, Diana Dear Anna,     Today I had an interview with  Sr. Recruiter from Device Company specialized on the treatment of chronic pain and neurological disorders. My answers were good,. My previous experience including with your company training was exactly the same that they want.    Thank you very much! Yours truly, Evgueni Subject: RE: Clinical studies/ trials Thank you Brian for your replies. It seems very useful when one could compare his point of view with the perspectives of the industry leaders. Alex

Hi Irin, I want to send you just a few words as a note of thanks. I am studing Session 12 right now.All these sesssions are very extensive and in detaild explained.Also,Saturday's Session was realy helpful. Yury explained CRA's duties and responsibilities and cleared it up. I am really satisfied and fulfilled. Thank you  Best Regards. Olivera   

Dear Dr Venkat,

The program offered by Kriger Research Centre is very helpful in getting in depth knowledge of clinical research and GCP.

As enquired by some of my friends in same profession, I passed on the reference of KRC to them. One such case was  at CliniRx, Gurgaon.

I hope Ranbaxy shall get benefit of informative training programs conducted by Kriger Research Centre.




Good morning.
I am Dr.Emad Abdulkarim,one of your doctor class's student. I passed the evaluating exam on last September.  

Here,I would like to say a (very big) thanks to all Kriger Research Center staff and a very special thanks for the great woman(Head of Training Department) for her real support to the group and her lovely way for follow up our medical needs.. I know that the words is not enough to appreciate her great job,, but I am sure that each of us (and specialy I )will remembering her with each practical day in futuer...thanks again and again .

Also ,, a special thanks for that man who did his best to demonstarte and illustrate our books in details,, thanks alot for you Dr.Mudhar,, for your time and your patience with us.  

 Llastly,,if i have anice flowers,,,diffintaly I will give them to you(Kriger Research Center)
 Dr.Emad A.    

  I have had my interview and  it went well.  I will hear this week or beginning of the following.  She was very interested in the KRC training program and wanted more information. She might have some of the current people look into it for training.  I am hoping I get the position, it sounds very fascinating and I know I would enjoy it.  Thank you for the support.......   Thank you,   Eva  

Dear Sir/Madam: This is Dr. G...  from Montreal, Canada. I joined on-line Clinical Research Associate program at KRC from 2 March 2005. I have just now completed first two sessions. I find your course is  excellent. You have superb material and coverage for this diploma program...
  G... Ph.D. Montreal, Canada
Hello.... I enrolled in the CRA program and I have learned so much.  I am currently on session 37 and have found excitement in biotechnology all over again. The training program at KRC is educational and i have read many success stories of KRC graduates securing jobs within respectable pharmaceutical companies.  I hope to be so lucky...   Sincerely,   Andrea Dear Ms Anna ,   I will recommend your program to many other medical professionals whether Somalis or other nationalities in my contact list. Lastly may I assure you that your highly esteemed institution reputation is evident once a professional joins, and for that reason dosen't requires any ads. But as in my case people in 3rd world countries aren't aware of that E-learing or online is as good as the in-class sessions. And I have no doubt that anyone (medical/science professionals that I availed to it won't hesitate to join. As of now believe it or not my boss who have done Bsc in Chem and Msc in Pharmacology, is eager to join as early as possible. And has been introduced to KRC only during my job interview session. Since I displayed my KRC CRA Diploma and transcript. Sincerely Dr S  Mohamed  

Dear Dr. Venkat    I have already undertaken an on line training program in Clinical Research Program form your respective training organization.  I found it really helpful, scopeful and interesting.    Presently I am working in R... Labs. Ltd. as a Research Associate in International Drug Regulatory Affairs Deptt.  Since it is a new exposure for me, I intend to undergo another training program in Quality Assurance/ Regulatory affairs.  Kindly allow me to do the same.    I shall be highly grateful to you.   Thanking you I. K.


  (Confidential information is replaced with "...")   Subject: Effect of Good Resume

Hello Bella,

I sent my resume to  ....Therapeutics  for the position of Clinical Data Associate and received the following reply:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

            Dear Mr. .....

            What are your salary requirements? Would you be willing to relocate to New Jersey at your own expense? Please advise when you can. Regards, D...  HR Generalist

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------


This is the effect of a good resume and thank you again.

Can you give me a hint of the salary range for this type of position? I appreciate any help that I can get.




Thanks a lot Bryan, I appreciate greatly your feedback and input. I am also really impressed by your speed, it is  a real life interaction!  This will be of great help for me because I want to finish this program as soon as possible.  Thanks again,  Cyrille.    

...waiting for your kind reply, still I believe that KRC programs prepared by Dr. Bruce, are the best programs I have ever got over the past 23 years. Sincerely, Dr. Tarek ...(Ph.D.Medical Biochemistry)

Hi Bruce, Thank you very much for your effort too. I learned more than I thought and can now go to an interview with greater knowledge and confidence than I did before. You may find this interesting. About three months ago, before I started the course, I had a job interview in Boston. It was a temporary assignment for 6 months at a CRO called AAI. I didn't get the job. Then a few weeks ago you sent out a note about a student who I believe got it. At least the city and contractual time period were the same. I'm sure that if I had taken this course earlier I would have gotten a position at one of the two companies I had interviewes at. I will continue with the Quality Assurance Program too. Thanks, E...

Dear KRC staff!  I would like to let you know that I have recently passed Canadian Registered Nurse Exam. And I wanted to thank you all for your help in the preparation  process.  I think that it was my best decision to join your training program.  Before that program I didn't even have a chance to pass that exam in  such a short time.     Best regards, Galina  C.

Hi Bryan, Thanks so much for your follow-up and feedback. Over  the weekend, I will resend my response for session 15  in order to get credit for it. You guys are the best! I am really enjoying this course and my experience with KRC.  Best, Shayna B.

  Nick,  Thanks very much for explaining this concept. Your description was more helpful to me than the article in the British Medical Journal.  Best,  Shayna  

Dear Bruce I would like to thank you for everything, as today I received the Diploma; hoping to find a suitable career opportunity soon Thanks Best Regards Moharram

Bruce, I would like to thank you for the great support and extremely valuable material you are sending to me. The student's questions you are sending are very useful and valuable as well. I feel that I am receiving a lot of extra-material that has a great value. Thank you very much! Anna California

Dear Bruce, Thank you very much for your immediate response, I feel much better now,  You are righht, I have pushed myself the past few weeks, and now am having some eye strain and headache, but I will be fine, just a bit of rest. Thank you for your much needed support and advise. Have a nice day. John

Thanks for the positive email. It gives me a lot of hope and confidence in the course that I have undertaken, and the support that I can expect from you and team at Kriger. I have completed upto session 10-3 and am planning to go fast with the remaining sessions. I have started working on my CV as per your guidelines. I plan to send you the draft after I read it one more time. I have filed the list of available positions that you have sent. I am not sure what is the right time to apply, but I think I must wait till I complete the course and practical project.

L. J.


Hello Bruce & Anna, Goods news! I finally got the offer from the employer. Thanks a lot for all the support. But I might be still needing your help in the future as this is only a 6 months contract in Boston but hoping that this will go to a permanent position. One more favor please, could you please resend the  reference letter to me Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks a lot guys. Denis

Dear Kriger, I wanted to let you know that I have PASSED MY EVALUATING EXAM. I also request you to inform Dr. Anna. I THANK KRIGER RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR MY ACCOMPLISHMENT. You as a team have done a Wonderful Job. You Provided us with the material and Dr. Mudhar taught us the subject very nicely. He not only helped us understand the subjects but also told us what was important for this Examination. He would even make us learn  certain important things, even if we were not prepared with the topic he would still discuss and explain things to us.Our efforts to Pass the Exam are well channelized and Chances to pass the Exam are tremendously increased.   THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Tantiya.

Hello Bruce,

I haven't heard from you for the last couple of months.  I just wish to let you know that I already completed my final examinations and fortunately received my Diploma for the Clinical Data Management Program.   I started my training last summer and I felt a deep sense of accomplishment when I completed these challenging tasks.  I have found the final examinations the hardest nut to crack.  I had some re-tests though it gave me an opportunity to review and understand more the course materials.  I'm back to the university to continue my graduate studies since the onset of fall this year.  I also started working on one of our four practical projects as part of this training package,  and at the same time writing an article right now for the IBPA newsletter publication.  Before I go farther in this journey of learning,  let me take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your comments on my responses to open-ended questions which greatly encouraged me to move on.  Being my on-line instructor for a brief period of time as well as my honest mentor, I believe you  possess the quality of  a good teacher.   I also wish to thank Nick Allan and other on-line instructors for responding to my questions from time to time when I suppose you're not around.  Lastly, I wish to thank KC Daya for allowing me to participate in this training program that introduced me to windows of opportunities  as a newcomer to Canada.   I'm glad to highlight in my resume these new qualifications I have with KRC  along with my myriad of credentials - Ariel Q.

Hi Bruce, I always enjoy the articles as they tell us what is happening in the outside world. Online session gives the theory but your articles give the perspective. You have a good selection of articles. Thanks for making the course so interesting. Today I have completed one month of my registration with this course, because of you I feel I am quite familiar and knowledgeable about clinical trial intricacies. Thanks, Pratibha

Thank you very much sir for your comments and additonal information.  I have not read all yet, but I will.  I just had some trouble sending session four, so I had to repeat it,  I will take a short break and eat lunch and continue this afternoon. It is a priveldge to have you as my coordinator and instructor.  More power to you. God Bless   John

Thank you very much for your message.  I am grateful for your interest in my future career. First of all I would like to thank you personally and KRC for excellent CRA and QA classes. I think both courses were well designed and presented to the students. The questions were well thought out and encouraged follow-on learning efforts. I would also like to mention the excellent communication skills the instructors demonstrated which made studying so much more enjoyable. Another course related point that impressed me was the quality of my direct communications with the instructor - this was a very valuable source of learning as well. Now as for my career aspirations upon completion of the courses (I am completing the last session of the QA course): I started looking for job in my area (North California, San Francisco Bay area) after completing the CRA course. I made use of sources from the KRC provided bi-monthly jobs list as well as other internet sites for CRA. I sent my resumes to a few (4-5) places that had openings for CRA positions and received 2 responses so far. Sincerely, A.

Hello Anna,  We've only met once at Kriger office last May, 2003, a student for data management program and would just like to thank you and the rest of Kriger teaching staffs (especially Yuri) for all the support that you guys have given me. I'm now here in US working in one of the pharmaceutical companies. Please extend my regards to Yuri.



... First, thank you for all of your help and comments regarding the answers to the questions in the training. The reason that I am taking this course is two-fold.  First, I had applied for a job in the bio-pharmaceutical industry and the placement company really liked my resume (I have a background in information technology), although they couldn't recommend me to the company until I had taken some training.  Then I thought that even if I don't get that particular job, this training course could be helpful in being eligible for other jobs.  Also getting a job in the bio-pharmaceutical industry could prove to be more stable than in the technology sector.  I've found that industry to be very volatile and not very secure in terms of long term employment. In terms of my expectations regarding my future career, I'm really not thinking that far ahead yet.  I'd like to get a job combining my previous technical experience and the information I've learned during the training. Then I can learn about career paths that would maximize utilizations of my skills. Sincerely, D.S.

Dear Head of Training Department, thanks for your collaboration. I have recieved both documents as of yesterday and look forward to work on my assignments before the due date. Kindly be informed that I am a candidate for a Medical Doctor post in CHAD with IMC which I already informed Dr Bruce, so my delay with the assignments are mainly due to my job search. And am sure that once I got settled with the job my preformance will be outstanding compared to now. Of-course I have the intention in the near future also to take more courses with KRC. I look forward being a valuable student and graduate from KRC. Sincerely Dr S.O.

Thank you very much for your answer, I really did not expect such a speed. And thanks for your appreciations and for the temporary password. I will definitely enter there to read and see. Anyhow, I cannot afford yet such a course and moreover, being a newcomer I cannot afford to think to managerial positions. Don't want to get drunk with cold water, ha, ha, ha... Of course, in time it would be different, now I would be happy with a position in a Data Management department after finishing our course. Anyhow, such a course would be extremely useful for me on the long term. I will try to enroll the following weeks. I read something related to topologies during my math courses in the University but being too young, I did not pay attention. Thought it was usefullness phylosophy. I have a vague idea what an alef is, what a vecinity is, what a close or open topologic space is, but I did not now how these concepts apply to molecular spaces. Well, thanks again. You gave me the chance to enter in a closed normalized metric managerial 4-D space, counting the time axis too... :) Dragos

Dear Hugh, Hello. How are you? Your session article were excellent. It provided me with a new insight, and the ability to analyze a pharmaceutical management problem from multiple prespectives.In the end ,I would like to add that without your guidance,I would not have been able to get as much as I did in this course. If you would be kind enough to provide me with a letter of recommendation,I would be very grateful.           Thank you for the great course that you taught. It was a great pleasure for me to a student in your course.           Sincere regards.           Ramin.

I graduated from  medical university (China) in 1995, then became a surgeon in one of hospitals in China too. In 1997 I became an oculist in the same hospital. My major is glaucoma. In the year 2002 I immigrated to USA, from that time to now I have to do some labor job to support the life, and meanwhile to improve the ability of English. Last month I got the information that your school provides some very good programs related to medicine. Through contact with your school I found the CRA program is so good and I think the career of CRA is fit to me, I like this job. So I participate this program. Hopefully after finish the program I can find a job. Since the first day I took this program, you have given me a lot of instruction that enlightened my mind, thank you for your help! Hu X.

Dear Bruce, Thanks so much for being such a good guide. I am one of your students.I am currently facing a bit of a problem because I have just secured a QA job whose is a bit far from where I stay.It takes me 2hrs to reach there by public means. Anyway, I am happy and thank you for your on-line program. Edby

...I had a really good interview with the Medical Council of Canada, the interviewer told me that he had 160 people apply, and selected 14, then 5. I was one of the 5. I have a good feeling about it, I was interviewed for over an hour. I was told before I left that he would contact me in the next 24 hours if I am selected for a second interview ( he has one more interview tomorrow). What ever happens I feel great about the interview. I will keep you posted.  


... Bruce, At first, I would like to thank you personally and the whole team of KRC Inc. for the opportunity that was given to me to get exposed to all information and problemsoliving in the area of Clinical Research, as well as for your prompt feedback. I would like to excuse myself for not answering your e-mails in a timely manner. I am enjoying a lot this on-line training, because I can see a different point of view on some of the problems I have already come across being an emergency medical physician. Unfortunately I am not sure for how long I am granted this free access, that's why I was trying to cover as many topics from these training programs for a short time, not even opening my e-mail for several days. However, after I had the chance to read your messages, I understand that sharing my opinion and asking questions regarding the information you are giving me is at least as important as reading the training sessions and answering the questions there. So from now on I will move at a slower pace and I will respond to all your messages. I hope to be able to answer all of them (and I would appreciate very much if I am gicen the chance to complete the programs in full, as well). I think that Clinical Research may be one possible opportunity for me to pusrue in my future professional way. Respectfully yours, Stan...

Hi Bruce, First of all I want to seize this opportunity to really express my thanks to you for all the effort you put in to help me succeed. Thanks for always answering my questions with explanations despite your tight schdule. I truely appreciate this. I am also happy  that you are providing me with constant support in getting employement in this area.

...Lastly, I would like to say that I really learnt a lot by taking this course...This has opened up a whole new world of knowledge to me and I believe it will take me places! S.

John Actually, I went to see the K.R.C. inc for evaluating exam preparation but luckily took research program with my friend who was interested in this program. I would like to thank you for all of your coordination and help.  Really you made my first experience of on line course a live one.  How prompt and informative was your response, I really appreciate that.  Honestly speaking I never knew that research is such a challenging field, with a lot of potential as well as full of mystery too.  Any way your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.   Thanks Best regards Sincerely, P.N.

Yesterday I started the on-line training program with Kriger Research.  I am overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that you have provided after the each session.  You have helped me to dig deeper in material.  News and magazine articles are now jumping out at me.  Working in a large law firm I also am finding the variety of teams including health care, litigation, patent, and benefits to be a great resource of information. The third session's focus on the start of clinical research opened my eyes to the advancement in technology used in the medical environment.  With the upcoming wireless tools becoming available, information will be available at an even faster pace.  Data queries would indeed allow for searching a vast amount of data from multiple resources from a variety of locations.  This also will have a huge impact on the public's (patient's) research options.  If there are FDA opportunities for volunteering/testing or concerns the average patient can form their own opinions with review of data.  This may allow for less government intervention and aide in lowering the cost of drugs.  Although the regulations were put in place with good intention the path of bringing drugs to market will continue to be modified with the use of technology. Thanks for the feedback with the first three sessions.  I especially appreciated the general knowledge clip that was included regarding how many of the medical terms evolved from Greek mythology. Jane Indiana, USA CRA Online Program

Hi, KRC,
I have found the pharmacologyl studies very useful and eye-opening. I don't have life science background so this part of the text is definitely helpful for me. The sequence of the text is in right order as well....  

Dear Bruce, I received the diploma from KRC. Thank you, I'm very proud and happy, this is a special achievement for me. I received also job search methods and strategies from KRC and I'll do all my best in order to get a job (because I need one!). I tried to find a job where I can use all my knowledge and also my transferable skills, but I noticed that the employers don't hire me because I have been in Canada for only 4 month and I haven't worked in Canada before. Let me tell you a story. I had applied for a general labour packaging position (despite the fact that I'm a quality engineer) at ABBOTT. They needed workers, but they told me that I never worked in the pharmaceutical industry and I am not good enough for packaging position(!) at ABBOTT. Now I have this diploma and I will apply for a job with my new skills. If you know some entry-level positions, please let me know, I'll accept it because I'm new in Canada, I never worked here and I need a first job. If it is an entry-level position, I will work to show the employer my skills and my loyalty, and then, later, I hope I can advance to a better position. Thank you for everything and especially thank you for your time.  

Your devoted student, Simona Quality Assurance Program

Hello!! It is good to know that somebody is in the other side. Now, let me introduce myself: I am a Database Developer.  My past experience is with relational Databases. When I was studying the first and second sessions and talked about Case Repost Forms and hierarchical model. I pictured myself at the beginning of my work experience because we used data entry to get the data in the computer and I designed data entry forms and used the mentioned validation in order to verify the data was correct. Sometime ago, I have thought about finding a field where I could use the skills I have. I had thought about medical field but I couldn't figure out how. As soon as I read the ad in the newspaper and after the first talks with Anna I really wanted to try to become a Data Manager in Clinical Trail. I am enjoying the articles you are sending because they are giving me a better understanding of what clinical trials are about. Thank you very much for sharing the articles. I'll be sending my opinion as soon as I read them.   Sincerely, Alma. Data Management Program


Today I have finished my final exam although I didn't get the score yet. Anyway, I am happy and excited to have the diploma, which is a milestone for my new career. Life is a book of learning and you grow with mistakes and constant efforts. I always believe in learning from the mistake of mine or others and that will take me to the door of success. As I perhaps have missed the opportunity of the CRC position at Biovail, I now know the mistake (resume, my information, not talking as professional etc.). I am now better prepared!   Regarding Practical section of this course I am about to start, and look forward to it.   Thank you, Atar M.D. CRA Program

I am so glad to learn that my diploma is already on the way. I appreciate it so warmly. Your help along the course is a sort of future equipments for a job like this. I still read and review it again and again; to keep the information fresh and refine the knowledge I have gained with or without a job. Thank you so much again. Very Truly yours, Julito Data Management Program

Hello, Mr. Bruce, I definitely enjoy reading the articles you send me. They are very interesting and helpful. Please feel free to send me any other articles and information relating to my future profession as CRA. Thank very much Sincerely Svetlana New Jersey, USA CRA Online Program

Hi Bruce, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I need to attend  ' Data management for clinical trials ' rather than 'CRA' program. That is exactly what I am interested also .As for my background, I have completed Master's in computer applications and I have taken Microsoft certification as well .I have four years of experience in the IT field. I have been here for just three months. I am a new immigrant. I tried to contact Kriger research, but since it's a long weekend, they might be probably closed. Bruce, is there any way I could get information on when the next session for ' Data management trails ' is conducted .I would like to know if they are conducting any sessions on Monday. Thank you once again and have a nice weekend.   Caren In-class Data Management Program

Hi Bruce, I am glad that you like my submissions. Thanks for taking extra care of me. I am very lucky to have got a teacher and mentor like you! I have carefully read all the materials that you have sent me so far. Thank you! You have asked whether I have any questions or not. So far, Bruce, I think I could grasp the subject. It must be due to the fact that I am a Medical Graduate. By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that; I have passed my LMCC-II (results published on June 23,2003). I would rather ask for a favour.  I would very much appreciate if you could consider me, if I am not able to submit all the materials in the 60 days time limit. I think I am already lagging behind .I work 3-4 nights a week to provide for my family ( a very physical job that I have, I must tell you!).I am, therefore, not always in a position to study, and submit in time. I once again reiterate that I consider myself lucky to have come across a teacher and mentor like yourself. Any suggestions or advice at anytime is always welcome.   Thank you. Best regards, Abu CRA Program  

Hello Hope you are fine. The training program is getting more and more interesting each day. I thank you for the inspiration you have given by those remarks about my answers.   With best regards, Vimal Data Management Program

This e-mail is to thank-you for all your efforts to enrich my on-line training.  You have been invaluable in my journey through the sessions, and I thank-you for your offer to put in a good-word for my employment at KRC.  I will be e-mailing my resume to the fax number given. Thanks Sandra CRA Program

Dear Mr. Bruce: Thank you so much for so much details. I am indeed indebted for your help. I have faced so far two telephone interviews (from Purdue Pharma for internship program and from Mayo Clinic for Data Administrator). The result from Mayo Clinic is still awaited. Now I will be sending a bit different resume for PhD Statistician at Mayo Clinic. I think the chances for job in USA may be less due to war. I have sent Mr. Varma to Kriger and he went Kriger twice (and met Head of Training Department and Irin) and he was interested to do the course and willing to pay for the course. My brother too is looking for job in Canada (his family is in Toronto as immigrant). He is senior Biometrician at International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, Syria (25 years of experience including two years of Canadian experience). He is also interested in Biostatistics in pharmaceutical line. He may join for on-line training. I will send him an e-mail. One of his juniors is working as Biostatistician at Astrazeneca, Mississauga. I am trying to send some more people to Kriger.   With regards, Rajendra Data Management Program

Hi, I am going through the bonus part of the site nowadays .The clinical pharmacology program &medical slide show is a wonderful, informative, well-set material, I will definitely submit my answers when I will star my sessions again. Thanks &Best regards P. D. CRA Program

Hi Bruce I did research on the company I was interviewed at yesterday. The interview was about half hour and I think it went well. Patricia is going to try to get me something in Canada first, and then she will try the U.S. She told me to keep in touch with her at all times by email. I made a GOOD impression!!! Bruce I will let you know what happens... Thanks R. Data Management Program

Bruce, Your forwards were so informative and so interesting that I wish if I could be a regular student of yours. The world of clinical research is so vast and so many things are happening that I never perceive while swallow a pill and did not realize till I started this course. I am really fortunate to have someone like you behind the curtain to encourage the learning process. I realize the reality of life does not permit me to start a new but I wish I could. I have only two things to say, in short "Thank you" and in long "Thank you very much" With best personal regards, Azizul CRA Program